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There are a plethora of tools out there that can handle your email marketing campaigns with ease, most people use one that they are happy with.

In terms of functionality there is probably not much difference but there is a significant one with Zoho’s email tool – Zoho Campaigns.

The main outstanding factor that puts it above competitors is the integration with the CRM system, no third party connectors or plugins are needed, and all the data can be synced regularly.

Slicing and dicing data into many segments is now commonplace, it is the accepted way to target prospects and achieve a higher return on investment.  With Zoho campaigns you have the ability to just sync those segments – thus a much higher flexibility with regards to the type of email you send.Hook Solutions are Zoho CRM partners in the uk

Targeting emails to highlight areas of interest is essential, if I see an email that relates to my interests then I am much more likely to click ‘open’ and probably click through to the content that seems to be made for me.  With our email boxes buzzing with spam and HTML newsletters it takes something that little bit special to stand out – making your subject line witty or personalised will help.

When sending Zoho email it is also worth remembering the functionality called ‘Drip campaign’ – you can set up a course of emails over a scheduled time and they will send out to your list like magic – but the real magic is when someone new is added to that segment in the CRM, the active sync between the two means they are added to your drip campaign automatically without any need for you to worry about updating or moving data around.

So Zoho Email campaigns stand head and shoulders above the rest for us, the little touches like adding Facebook Tabs and Chain Campaigns (Sending to those who did not open the first email) make managing your lists, segments and data easy peasy.

If you would like to see the Zoho email tool in action then please do give us a call, we can run through a quick demo and answer any questions you may have.

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