Marketing Overview - Product, Promotion, Growth

Most CEO’s have special skills in their trade or profession. Our special skills are in managing, running and promoting a business. We become part of your team. A skill base you can use and learn from. A marketing department without the on cost. We offer sound advice with solid costed options.

What I need is a flexible Marketing Department

Like sliding controls on your electronic equipment, you can turn your marketing up or down to suit your business needs.

Would you like a one stop shop for all your marketing needs.

We want you to consider:
  • Employing everyone you need is massively expensive.
  • Modern companies buy just the flexible package they want.
  • Book a Free one hour chat to see if we can help you reach your goals.

How we can help

  • Review current practices
  • Shadow activities and offer improvements
  • Create growth plans
  • Monitor progress
  • Access other parts of the marketing mix

Book a Free one hour chat to see if we can help you reach your goals.

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Sales Process - Practice, Process, Cycle

On-site Training

We don’t just give you a web site and hope you will manage. We help you integrate it into your lead generation process.

We will train your staff so that you can measure results and make informed decisions.

Support & Consultancy

We will advise on systems that help keep track of those leads we have generated for you, monitoring their progress until they become orders.

Sales Training Courses

We can run courses on every aspect of sales.
  • Effective Communication
  • The Mental Process of a Sale
  • Customer retention
  • Clover leaf route planning
And more, much more......
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Business Consulting - Mentoring, Managing, Profiting

Often an outside view is needed when running a busy business. An unbiased opinion, untainted by being in the trade or profession. A view which is profit driven as it is the business of every company to make profits. We offer a lifetimes experience to help you go forward and to avoid costly errors.


There is a lot of this for free. That’s because mentors tend to listen without giving solid advice. We listen but are not therapists. We give solid advice based on best practice and a vast range of experience in other businesses we have helped in the past. To staff up for a small marketing department would cost a minimum of £100k/£120k, a larger or complete marketing department, considerably more. With Hook Solutions you choose the amount required to grow your company. In consultation with the CEO we construct a deliverable growth plan for each individual business. We work with existing manufacturing, research and sales departments to ensure a fully integrated approach that everyone is mentally signed up to. Call now to arrange a free, one hour, meeting And find out how your business will grow with our help.
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Cloud Software Solutions - Researching, Recommending, Implementing

Increase Flexibility

We can advise on the best approach of making your business process highly mobile and flexible without sacrificing security.

Cloud Consulting

Our track record has taken companies from cluttered paper based processes through to creating a secure network and harnessing third party cloud based services - such as google business apps, Zoho and Microsoft Exchange.

We can provide an honest and experienced appraisal (as we are not heavily affiliated to just one such provider!) of what approach will work best with your unique business and which software will benefit your business the most.

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Technical Support - Implementing, Reporting, Maintenance

Ongoing Support

Our technical knowledge and experience with online solutions will help steer you through the pitfalls of setting up.

We can setup and support email accounts, website hosting, third-party services & platforms so that you can concentrate on the daya to day running of the business.


  • Domain Name Management
  • Website Hosting
  • Third party software account setup
  • Troubleshooting
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We offer a full suite of both real world business experience in company growth through to technical know-how to ease processes.

Help us find the right hook for you!

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