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Creating a good looking and well functioning website are two of the many factors that go in to a successful website for your business.

When you need a new website or an upgrade on your existing one our process ensures that you get a vast improvement on what you need to achieve.

There are multiple factors towards what makes up a good website for a business. Here’s a few of them:

1. Fast loading


This is still important. A prospective customer will judge on how your website loads and may even abandon a slow loading website out of frustration.

Our development approach means that we make sure that your website is not bloated with slow loading code.

2. Information Design


What does your website say about your business? Does it have your contact details on it and if so are these easy to quickly get to for a prospective customer?

A well designed website will allow someone to contact you quickly and easily to make enquiries.

Someone who is viewing your website should be able to also understand what your business does and your product / service range within a few seconds.

It’s important that your message is simple and easily understood and this is also a factor to take in to consideration when designing your website layout and content priority.

We are experts at writing for the web and can write copy for your website that will help drive enquiries and market your business.

3. Branding & Colour Palette


Your website design should reflect your business branding and colour palette so that it extends your brand identity and reinforces it when marketing to prospective clients. A business website should look good and match your other marketing materials in both tone and content.

We can work within existing branding and colour palette guidelines or help establish branding guidelines across all of your marketing materials. When designing for the web there is a lot more freedom in terms of user interface design and information

4. User Interface Design


Creating an easy to use design for your business website helps with enquiry conversion and also appeals to a customers trust and confidence that your business cares about how you want to look online. We approach each website design with how the user would want to interact with the website and what they would be used to doing so that we keep the recipe the same. We also design in various animations to help make the website look well built and considered from a design point of view.


5. Secret Sauce – User Experience


This is actually called user experience and focuses on designing a website with the focus on the user and how they experience using the finished website. The goal is to give the user the feeling that they are comfortable, impressed and inspired with the website to convert them in to an enquiry, further interest or sale. This is the “secret sauce” that turns a website in to something that is a potent tool in any businesses marketing arsenal.







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