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“Web design” is one of those difficult things to pin down as a service as it incorporates a lot of different and important skill sets and abilities.

A good web designer has a grasp on all of these and a great web design team complement each other using their strongest talents together.

A website can be the main focal point for a business – especially if the company trades exclusively online and it is vitally important on all business websites to “get it right.”

“Getting a website right” is our primary focus and something that we have a vast experience in.

Setting a good foundation

As we work with lots of different clients from all different industries and sectors we have a broad working knowledge of what constitutes a good foundation for any type of website.

We then bring in any specific requirements of the industry and sector that we are designing for and add what we like to call “market receptiveness” in to the website design.

Market Receptiveness

Every website has a goal, as it serves as one of the main marketing channels for most businesses. We look in to making websites that work well within the market that they are targeted at. This could be through following strong conventional means and creating trust in a companies service/product or by approaching the brief by harnessing any creative energy that could be associated with the industry or sector.

For example a corporate website about a reliable product will have a different market to a website about a bespoke furniture maker, radical sports or book illustrators portfolio.

We achieve this by researching the “market receptivity” and find out how successful a website design will be with the audience that it is targeting.

As you can see there are a lot of factors for us to consider when we are creating a web design from a brief. It’s a very similar task to an Architect who has to balance form with function but also ensure that fundamental engineering criteria are met.

Cornerstone terms & building blocks of Web Design

Some of the different and important cornerstones that go in to the term “Website Design” as a whole include:

  • Graphic design / digital illustration – making things look pretty & on-spec with branding.
  • User Experience / User interface design – making a website functional and practical for the user.
  • Web content layout strategy – easy to read & accessible content.
  • User funnelling / Call to action creation  – How the users interact and what the “goal” of the website or page is.
  • Data representation for human interpretation – Taking application data & making it understandable to the viewer.
  • Application design / Architecture design – Relationship mapping between the front end “User Interface” and the business logic.

Every project will require some of the above points and some will be used more heavily than others but a good website designer or web design team will have taken all of theses and more points in to consideration to create something that works for the client and the target market.


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