Speed Improvement.

WordPress can become slow and unwieldy in certain situations some of which can be depending on what plugins, extensions and also what theme you may be using. It’s important to have a fast responding website for both the user ( as nobody likes to be kept waiting ) and also the Google search engine – which as a search engine realises this and penalises websites that have got below desirable speed scores.

Diagnosis and fault finding.

We can help diagnose what the problem might be and make the necessary changes to fix the issue. This could be in stripping out troublesome plugins and replacing them with better performing examples or writing the functionality required ourselves.

Caching, minimising and cleaning up.

Caching is a term used for “baking” the existing customer facing view of the website in to a fixed version that is quicker for a server to send to the browser without looking at the database.

This static content is much easier and faster to render for the viewer and reduces page load times as there is less calculation to do.

Besides caching there are also other tweaks and improvements that we can undertake on the performance of the website by caching and looking in to minimising the theme code as much as possible.


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