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WordPress is an excellent marketing tool for your business. The WordPress platform has taken the website world by storm and a good proportion of businesses increasingly turn to a cost-effective WordPress powered website as their content management system.

We have been managing and developing WordPress websites for businesses since 2005 and have seen the platform improve in terms of functionality and power and go from strength to strength with a growing user base.

Advantages Of Using WordPress:

1. Constant updates.

The community consists of a core of developers that are constantly updating the codebase, security measures and have a roadmap that is community driven.

Large development community.

WordPress has a large development community that use the conventional WordPress codex to develop and extend the functionality of the core platform with plugins and advanced themes.

Ease of use – staff training.

The administration area is easy to use, intuitive to understand and most marketers have used WordPress to update website content, which is a transferable skill between jobs. There is also a lot of information and tutorials on the basics online to quickly get up to speed.

2. Not “locked in” to an expensive proprietary system.

Where do we start with this one? Is it the nightmare story of a new client telling us they had spent £4000 for a content management system that had been built by a tiny software house with limited functionality, that constantly broke and was so difficult to use to update product content that the simplest thing took three times as long? Or is it the story of a client previously spending approximately £15,000 in paying his own admin staff to “generate each page from scratch” as their proprietary system was so complicated and over-engineered that you needed a PHD and a years supply of aspirin to operate it.

Proprietary systems can also sometimes come with contracts that mean you effectively “lease” the software from the company, meaning that your content is yours but the website platform is theirs. Good luck trying to migrate your whole website away from them in one piece!

3. Good For ‘SEO’ Search Engine Optimisation.

Everyone wants to get traffic coming to their website from google search engine results.
There are lots of technical factors that Google can use to ‘rank’ your website and luckily WordPress has many of these built in from the get-go.

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