What do those marketing SEO and PPC abbreviations mean?


The digital marketing world can be daunting when you may not understand what people are talking about – so let’s take a look at what a couple of the most common marketing abbreviations mean.


SEO is Search engine optimisation or SEM (Search engine marketing), this is generally split into two categories – on and off page.

On page SEO – This addresses the way that search engines see your site and could include a variety of things like:

  • Site speed
  • Tags, descriptions and alternate tags (this is the text that is shown when you image does not load)
  • The importance placed on some words – e.g. bold text and headings are considered more important.
  • Design – content at the top is again thought to be more relevant.
  • Code – is it tidy or does it contain a lot of unnecessary code.

We can help with an assessment of your website and current standing in search engines. A report is that drawn up to enable work to improve your chances of ranking well among your competitors.

Off page SEO – This shows a search engine your popularity and standing among competitors and could include:

  • How many people link to your site
  • The quality of the sites linking to you
  • Do you have social accounts that link
  • Is your content shared on top sites


PPC is a way to describe paid advertising – Pay Per Click


Most search engines provide this service – it allows you to have your adverts appear on search results in the Ad section.  It can be very useful for a new site or one that is struggling to get on the first page of search results.  The beauty of this service is that you only pay when someone clicks on your advert.  You can set a daily budget and many search engines will assist first time users with a voucher to boost their initial budget.  Talk to us about setting up, running and measuring your results.

Hook Solutions offer a range of ethical and organic marketing SEO and PPC services to clients across the UK and Internationally.  Drop us a call or email and we can chat through your requirements.  fish@hookconsultancy.co.uk  01747 830965





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